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We exist only because of our clients. To be a lawyer means to be there for and because of our client.

Doing all that we can for our clients. We feel their struggles as if they are ours, we identify their opportunities as if they are ours, and we embrace their successes as if they are ours.

We believe that the relationship between lawyer and client is born out of, and lives on, trust. A trust that is built each day, deepened and strengthened with each step, in sharing the challenges we reach and the setbacks we overcome.

Above all, our firm commitment is to give our clients all the attention and care they ask for and deserve: free of delegations and the uncertainties of identifying who their contact is or how costs are calculated, each of our clients is exclusively advised by one of our lawyers. Being aware of the past and current events of all matters in their hands, they have a global and integrated perspective that is informed by their deep knowledge of the business, motivations and expectations.

For us, this commitment is non-negotiable. We don’t want all of the clients. Just those who want to work with us and with whom we want to work. We are ready to take the necessary steps to guarantee this.


Rua Nova da Trindade, 1 — 4ºD
1200-301 Lisboa — Portugal


TEL: +351 211 364 807
FAX: +351 211 364 845

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