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Sofia Galvão


Sofia Galvão Advogados was founded on a clear decision over what kind of legal practice we wanted to pursue. A legal practice based on exigency and rigorousness. A legal practice geared towards finding solutions and achieving material, concrete results. A legal practice that is hands on, cultivating, on a daily basis, a direct and close relationship to our clients.

We strive to be uncompromising in terms of our values. We believe in Justice and the Law, and in the civilising aspect of its application to peoples’ lives. In light of this, we know that to be a lawyer is, above all, to be at the service of freedom. And to that effect, to be at the service of individual rights and guarantees, whether they be for citizens or companies.
This is why we strive to be lawyers who are free and independent. Our commitment is clear and public. What compels us is simply our professional integrity, legal ethics and the interests and causes that our clients entrust us with.

We strive to be recognised for expertise in our area of practice: the Territory. Territory that demands new and integrated approaches capable of achieving their enormous potential as a key resource for the country’s development. After many years supporting investments in and for the Territory, and well aware of the needs and deficiencies in what the market can offer, we provide a legal approach that is highly diverse and innovative: cross-sectoral, syncretic, created out of syntheses and synergies and moulded by the very nature of the Territory.

We are two partners who, together, make up a boutique law firm, which makes our distinction and excellence stand out even more. We do not cover all areas of the law, nor do we wish to. We only focus on what we know how to do well.


Our legal practice is dedicated to the Territory, focused on supporting the implementation and development of economic activities on land and at sea.

From spatial planning to licensing procedures (urban, tourist, commercial and industrial), from real estate transactions to structured operations, from promoting new construction to urban renewal and tourist development, from urban infrastructure, railways and motorways to port activities, from the environment to agricultural and forestry investment, from logistics to opportunities brought about by the new legal-financial framework of instruments supporting regional and local development, and from maritime spatial planning to the ocean economy.

We advise on all phases of the life cycle of investments in the Territory, ensuring that our clients’ interests are defended constantly and coherently: in the rigorous analysis done at the outset; in the definition of an action programme that maximises opportunities and anticipates risks; in the negotiating processes involved; in the design and execution of operations; in the scrupulous monitoring of the execution and respective timings; in the market placement and research phase; in the support for ongoing management of enterprises; in the resolution of conflicts in these areas; and in administrative, judicial or arbitral fields.


Led by Sofia Galvão, a recognised Lawyer on Territory, our team has several years of experience working together, characterised by closely shared values, principles and working procedures.




We exist only because of our clients. To be a lawyer means to be there for and because of our client.

Doing all that we can for our clients. We feel their struggles as if they are ours, we identify their opportunities as if they are ours, and we embrace their successes as if they are ours.

We believe that the relationship between lawyer and client is born out of, and lives on, trust. A trust that is built each day, deepened and strengthened with each step, in sharing the challenges we reach and the setbacks we overcome.


Rua Nova da Trindade, 1 — 4ºD
1200-301 Lisboa — Portugal


TEL: +351 211 364 807
FAX: +351 211 364 845

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