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Our legal practice is dedicated to the Territory, focused on supporting the implementation and development of economic activities on land and at sea.

From spatial planning to licensing procedures (urban, tourist, commercial and industrial), from real estate transactions to structured operations, from promoting new construction to urban renewal and tourist development, from urban infrastructure, railways and motorways to port activities, from the environment to agricultural and forestry investment, from logistics to opportunities brought about by the new legal-financial framework of instruments supporting regional and local development, and from maritime spatial planning to the ocean economy.

We advise on all phases of the life cycle of investments in the Territory, ensuring that our clients’ interests are defended constantly and coherently: in the rigorous analysis done at the outset; in the definition of an action programme that maximises opportunities and anticipates risks; in the negotiation processes involved; in the design and execution of operations; in the scrupulous monitoring of the execution and respective timing; in the market placement and research phase; in the support for ongoing management of enterprises; in the resolution of conflicts in these areas; and in administrative, judicial or arbitral fields.


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