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Luis Moitinho de Almeida Promoted to Partner

Sofia Galvão Advogados has the pleasure to announce that Luís Moitinho de Almeida is, from October onwards, a Partner in its boutique law firm project launched in 2014, joining the founding partners Sofia Galvão and Hugo Nunes. It is an expected development, in recognition of Luís Moitinho de Almeida’s fundamental contribution to the work developed and the consequent consolidation of SGA’s leadership position in the legal market in all matters relative to the Territory (Planning, Real Estate, Tourism & Leisure, Environment, etc). Also, this development translates a clear bet in the law firm’s future and in a certain manner of practising law – as always assumed and intended at SGA, a law practice of excellence and rigour, a law practice with the purpose to design solutions and obtain concrete and tangible results, a hands-on law practice, building a direct and close relationship with the Clients on a day-to-day basis. Already recognized as a lawyer of great quality, a relentless workers and a man of character, Luís Moitinho de Almeida will ensure, as a new partner, an ever more decisive support in his areas of expertise. SGA relies very much on him, congratulates itself with this moment and wishes Luís Moitinho de Almeida the best in this new stage of its career that now begins.


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